Lovers in Sight


Lovers in Sight

As in an earlier post I’d talked of how there are a lot of peacocks on my campus and even though they’ve become an everyday sight for me and other students they still continue to be amazingly breathtaking. In fact, I’ve witnessed many occasions when students stop to make a short video of a peacock and/or take a picture of them (from a distance of course because nobody except the caretakers is allowed to touch them).

Originally when I saw these two peacocks they were facing each other and they looked absolutely adorable but sadly when I’d just opened my camera they began looking away. Regardless, I still took the photograph and it came out as a pretty good shot. 🙂

This photograph was actually around the time their mating season is in full swing and the peacocks are extremely loud in trying to attract potential mates while shaking their fully opened tail feathers.

Funnily enough, the peahen first looked away from the peacock (as you can see in the picture) and then a few moments after she jumped off the bench and walked away. 

I reserve all rights to my photographs. Do not use any photograph without gaining permission from me first. If allowed, then please make sure to credit me wherever you post.


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