Silhouettes Return


The Two Meet

As I mentioned in earlier posts I enjoy taking shots with silhouettes here and there. I especially love taking shots like these of trees because they never cease to look amazing from any angle. Since I take all my pictures from my phone you’ll have to excuse any blurriness you notice because there’s a limit to how much I can make it focus.

In any case I think I managed to capture a nice scene as well as a nice combo of the landscape and skyscape. Though personally speaking I’m not quite satisfied with this shot because I wanted to capture a more detailed shot and do the entire scene, justice.



This photograph was also taken on the same day as the one above. Since the tree branches were more closer to me the focus on the phone was able to capture a pretty detailed image.

An important thing to note when taking photographs from a phone is that its focus will have great limits and truly detailed images will usually be from close to mid-range. Of course, I’m not ruling out the possibility of a clear and focused shot of a scene or object at long-range. Because that can happen in some cases but it tends to lean a bit on the rare side.

All in all it came out good and I feel a bit satisfied with this shot because it captured the scene how I wanted it to. 🙂

I reserve all rights to my photographs. Do not use any photograph without gaining permission from me first. If allowed, then please make sure to credit me wherever you post.


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