Yellow Bursts



Yellow Bursts

This is a pretty recent photograph I took. I’ve seen a lot of different colours of trees (e.g. purple) but this was the first time in my life that I saw such a bright yellow coloured tree. Of course some of its leaves are green here and there but this tree was such an amazing sight yet so many people walked past without even giving it a single glance.

It appears a bit dim because the main source of light was shining from behind it. I mainly chose this angle because I wanted to get the sun slightly shining from between the leaves. It’s pretty tiny but you can see that little shining orb in the middle-ish.


Yellow Bursts #2

I took another photograph of this very tree at that very moment because I wanted to somehow capture the leaves’ bright yellow colour. I think I managed to get some of it, if not all. (You can also try turning up your screen brightness to properly see the brightness of the colour ;P)

Again I went for the sun-shining-from-between-the-leaves shot. Of course another important reason for the reason why I chose these particular angles for this tree is because of the surrounding area that wasn’t very flattering and did not look very good with the tree. Also directly behind this tree was a wall with barbed wire and everything so I couldn’t get the angle I would’ve liked so I had to make it work out somehow.

Lesson learned: Many times you’ll want to go for angles that the surrounding area may not allow or any type of situation or circumstance may not allow. In those cases you’ll have to work your way around it and try to capture the next best angle. Whatever you may have envisioned isn’t possible majority of the time. (Of course, if it is ever possible then don’t waste a single second)

I reserve all rights to my photographs. Do not use any photograph without gaining permission from me first. If allowed, then please make sure to credit me wherever you post.


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