Matte Sun



Matte Sun

I took this photograph about a year ago and it’s a bit different from my usual pictures. There’s nothing that is popping out to the eyes but rather all the elements present in the photograph work together and exude this simple yet elegant aura.

My favorite part is how of all the times I’ve captured the sun or sunlight they’ve come out shining or very bright (obviously lol) but this was the first time that sunlight had a matte-ish effect in my photograph. There’s not a single other picture I have in which I managed to capture this type of matte effect.

Also the clouds greatly complimented the remaining sunlight without overpowering it or being overpowered by it. Because of this I think a really nice balance has been maintained overall. That said, I’m rather proud of this photograph and hope to somehow take more pictures like this in the future. 🙂

I reserve all rights to my photographs. Do not use any photograph without gaining permission from me first. If allowed, then please make sure to credit me wherever you post.


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