I took this picture around a year ago. I could’ve taken the picture of each tree separately in any type of angle but I chose this particular angle because together the 2 trees brought out a different result from my usual photographs.

Also I found it, overall, more appealing like this than when I tried to get angles of each tree separately. A main reason is because of how it has come out like a border-ish type of photograph and I personally don’t find many occasions when I’m able to capture such angles. Together, they bring out this sense of companionship during a stormy day.



This was also taken around a year ago. It was one of my first tries in capturing border-ish type scenes. I found it a lot of fun angling my phone’s camera in this way and am a bit proud and happy of this picture.

It isn’t the best photograph of this type but for my first try it’s a pretty good effort. šŸ™‚ Overall, the simplicity of this picture is what tends to attract one’s eyes to it.

I reserve all rights to my photographs. Do not use any photograph without gaining permission from me first. If allowed, then please make sure to credit me wherever you post.


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